Moya Brennan – Collaborations

In a Lifetime with Bono

single release from the album Macalla (RCA/BMG)

We used to regularly see Bono and the boys in The Dockers round the corner from Windmill Lane. We’d nearly finished Macalla and the idea came up! In the two days that it took to record the track I came to admire the way Bono plays with words. He was unafraid to throw ideas into the pot until he nailed it. This has to be one of the finest songs I was ever a part of and has not diminished in its universal appeal to date.

Something to Believe In with Bruce Hornsby

from the Clannad album Sirius (RCA/BMG)

Bruce was playing in London while we were doing some tracks for Sirius. When we relocated to LA he joined us to record Ciaran’s wistful Something to Believe In and ended up singing and playing accordion on Second Nature too.


The Awakening with Paul Brady

from the album Primitive Dance (Rykodisc)

Thrilled for Paul to ask me to sing on one of his albums. Paul is one of the all time great Irish songwriters and it was great to be involved in this album. Paul’s sphere of influence reaches far and wide and in late 2001 he completed a whole month of sell-out shows in Dublin with guest artists (including myself) every night who had either worked with or who had covered his songs.


Put ’em Under Pressure with Irish Football Squad

single release (Son Records)

Ireland in the summer of 1990 was at fever pitch. Big Jack had shepherded the squad to the quarter finals of Italia ’90 and the country closed down for the duration. Having followed the team in the qualifiers the ultimate accolade was being asked to sing on the official anthem. Featuring a classic guitar riff from The Horslips this song was co-written and co-produced by U2’s Larry Mullen and became the soundtrack for the summer.

Blue with An Emotional Fish

from the album Bringing it all Back Home (Valley)

Philip King and Nuala O’Connor ambitiously set about tracing the cycle of Irish music, from its origins, through its passage around the world by emigration and home again, transformed yet still alive. Moya joined Dublin’s much deserving An Emotional Fish in this reworking of one of their classic tracks.

Both Sides Now with Paul Young

single release from the soundtrack album Switch (MCA)

Recorded at Windmill Lane in a snow-bound Dublin around Christmas 1990. Paul reflects:I have always been interested in projects that are a little “unexpected” or unpredictable, and when Moya first mentioned the idea of a duet, straight away it was an idea that appealed to me. Clannad has always been a band that move very much in their own space, and just like the other collaborations I had with Vangelis & Zucchero, it seemed likely that Moya & I might produce something unusual, more than any “pop star/pop star”-type collaboration would have done. It was an inspiring song to work on and a very good choice for both of us. Moya, it was an absolute pleasure working with you!


Come into my life with Robert Plant

from the album Fate of Nations (Atlantic)

This one was too obscure to have ever imagined. I had crossed paths with producer, Chris Hughes, on a number of occasions and he suggested I should try something with Robert. The result of a fun studio session was this track which is a bit of a Houses of the Holy with angel voices.


Dreamfields with Runrig

from the album, Amazing Things(Chrysalis)

Another Calum Malcolm connection, although Moya’s Irish language roots strike many resonances with staunchly Gallic Runrig. Moya is joined by sisters Dee, Olive and Bridin on Dreamfields.Environment and Media Album of the Year for 1993. Amazing Things achieved their highest ever chart position, reaching number 2, and missing out on the top slot by one Gallup point.


Almond Skin, Dream Sequence with Sonny Condell

from the album Someone to Dance With (Starc)

One of Ireland’s more underrated songwriters, Sonny has been a constant force in Irish music through his involvement with Tir na Nog and Scullion. His solo work in recent years has highlighted his eclectic and atmospheric writing.


The Man who wrote Danny Boy with Joe Jackson

from the album Night Music (Virgin)

Joe pushes his music to extraordinary levels with intensity, intelligence and passion.<br>His explanation of the song:’The Man Who Wrote Danny Boy’ is a variation on the old ‘Faust’ theme, in which a man is being tempted by the Devil into selling his soul – not in return for immortality, but so that he can write an immortal song, a song which can “bring a tear to a glass eye” and be sung in pubs hundreds of years from now. We’re not sure whether this man’s story is a dream, a fantasy, reality, or just a tall tale, but anyway I wanted him to be interrupted at some point by a woman’s voice coming from the next room saying, basically, “for God’s sake get over yourself and just come to bed!” I have this idea that impossible dreamers and would-be heroes and immortals tend pretty much to be men, whereas women are more realistic; and I wanted a woman’s voice to be sort of a counterpoint to the man’s ravings. I thought of Maire’s voice right away and I’m not really sure why! I guess I wanted a sort of timeless beauty, a voice which seems like it’s always been there and always will be. It’s a voice that’s just telling it like it is, not trying to impress us or be cool or anything like that. But I tend to make these sorts of decisions in a very intuitive way and I can’t always explain it very well! Anyway I was thrilled that Moya responded right away and sung the part beautifully. It’s a very special moment on the album.


As Tears go by

from The Symphonic Music of the Rolling Stones
(RCA Victor)

You know you’re immortal when the London Symphony Orchestra are given the reins with your classics. Moya is in illustrious company here alongside Marianne Faithfull, Michael Hutchence and Mick himself.

A Place among the Stones with Davy Spillane

from the albums, Misty Eyed Adventures (BMG) / A Place among the Stones (Columbia)

A collaboration in every sense of the word, this track was included on both Moya and Davy’s solo albums. It brought the two together in Davy’s Burrenstone studio for the first time. Davy’s pipes and whistles and Moya’s dreamy vocals weave around each other in this rich evocation of Ireland’s western ambience.


Éirigh Suas a Stóirín with Steve Martland

From the album, Misty Eyed Adventures (BMG)

Calum, my producer, had worked with Steve and as a contemporary classical composer. He brought chilling space to this sad Donegal love song and his unique counter harmonics bring out the stark atmosphere of the song. I love working with people who bring a new perspective to traditional music and this was very special.

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Big Yellow Taxi with The Blue Nile

Single release from the album Misty Eyed Adventures (BMG)

Paul, PJ and Robert were living in Dublin for the year, recording their Peace at Last album. Again. Calum Malcolm was a common link having produced both Moya and The Blue Nile. Her appreciation of Joni Mitchell goes back to pre-Clannad days so, along with the Paul Young collaboration of Both Sides Now, her repertoire of Mitchell covers was growing!

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You’re the One with Shane McGowan

from the soundtrack of Circle of Friends (ZTT)

 The cinematically scored “You’re The One” (co-written with Michael Kamen), a duet with Maire Brennan which juxtaposes the Clannad singers’ windswept, virginal vocal sensuality with Macgowan’s Gainsbourg-esque cragginess and therefore constitutes the unlikeliest artistic love match since Esmeralda fell for the bell-ringer at that church in Paris.

Kevin Maidment from review

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Divine Presence with Iona

from the album Journey into the Morn (Alliance)

When we knew that Moya Brennan was available to sing on the album, this was one track that we knew would be ideal for her vocal textures and a place where some fragments of the Gaelic translation of the hymn would fit in. The song was written on piano, but the arrangement changed to acoustic guitars/synth and vocal textures to create a more open, atmospheric effect. Dave Bainbridge, Iona


Lumen with Michael O’Suillebhean / Brian Kennedy

single release (Virgin)

Recorded and performed as the  Eurovision Song Contest interval feature.How could you follow Riverdance as an interval act? Composer Michael O’Suillebhean combined the soulfullness of Brian Kennedy’s voice, Moya’s angelics (along with Brennan sisters Dee, Olive and Bridin), the haunting Noirin ni Riain and the medieval chants of the Glenstal Abbey monks in a mature cross-splice of Irish musical traditions.


O Bhean A’ti­ with Donal Lunny

from the album Common Ground:Voices Of Modern Irish Music (EMI)

Described as ‘a primer for modern Irish music’ Donal Lunny, a pivotal character in contemporary Irish traditions, assembled a veritable who’s who for this project. Moya’s tradtional song features alongside Crowded House, Bono and Adam of U2, Kate Bush, Elvis Costello, Sinead O’Connor, Paul Brady, Brian Kennedy, Davy Spillane, Christy Moore, Sharon Shannon, Andy Irvine and Hothouse Flowers’ Liam O Maonlai.

Óró with Donal Lunny

from the album Sult:Spirit of Music (Hummingbird)

Sult , the Irish word for pleasure, fun or amusement, was a major Irish TV series reflecting the rising fortunes of Irish music, particularly that which is traditional or traditionally based. Featuring contributions from Van Morrison, Mary Black and sean nós singers Mairéad Ní­ Dhomhnaill and Iarla Ó Lionaird all tracks were recorded live.


Amazing Grace with Michael Crawford

from the album On Eagle’s Wings (WEA/Atlantic)

A song soaked with such simplicity and purity. Here, Moya’s voice soars heavenward on a phenomenally successful album which takes the Phantom out of Michael and sets him on the path to sainthood.


Come Josephine in my Flying Machine

from the album Back to Titanic (Sony/Columbia)

After the phenomenal success of the first soundtrack album it was realised that there was a demand for previously unreleased music by fans of the blockbuster. Moya was brought in at the director’s request to interpret the dreamy song that Kate Winslett sings as she floats, semi-consious, among the debris of the sunken ship in the icy north Atlantic.


The World 1999 with Pulp Victim

remix of Óró (Neomusica) from the album Máire

Taken from Moya’s first solo album this lullaby was picked up by dutch Trance artist, Ferry Korsten aka Pulp Victim and reworked into a European club hit. A taste of things to come with the Chicane hit.

Saltwater with Chicane

single release (Extravaganza)

Remixing Harry’s Game was always a conundrum. Originally recorded without a click track, fitting it into sequenced rhythms proved impossible. With Chicane’s Nick Bracegirdle, Moya rerecorded her vocal adding extra touches. The result stormed into the summer subconsiousness of ’99 and beyond.

Chicane official site


Don’t give up with Michael McDonald

from the album Streams (Sony/Word)

The original Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush duet from Peter’s So album has always had a profound effect on me. I jumped at the chance to cover it, and, particularly, at having the opportunity to work with Michael, whose voice touches the soul. A song to breath life into those who are going through a desert’ experience.


The Call of the Wild with Alan Parsons Project

from the album The Time Machine (CNR)

Inspired by the HG Wells story this Alan Parsons/Ian Bairnson creation attempts a bridge between two millenia. Moya’s ethereal voice adds a layer of traditional authenticity to the flawless electronics which characterise a Parsons project.

Silent Night, Lullabies with The Chieftains

from the album Silent Night:A Christmas in Rome (BMG/Wicklow)

This Yuletide-fest assembles a rich array of international talent. Paddy Maloney and cohorts bring their hallmark Celtic edge to a classical selection of seasonal tunes. Silent Night provides the pivotal point of the collection with Moya performing alongside Monserrat Caballé, the Harlem Gospel Choir, Zucchero and Sissel.


Saylon Dola with Russell Watson

from the album The Voice (Decca)

This man is living proof that you can’t keep a good voice down. From his welding days, through working men’s clubs to household namedom, Russell was always going to be a star. Saylon Dola originated as mouth music but with the injection of Moya’s native Gaelic it took an otherworldly twist layering two classic voices into a moving feast.


The Light on the Hill

from the soundtrack album St.Patrick The Irish Legend (Shanachie)

Moya wrote this tribute to St. Patrick for her Perfect Time album and it turned out to be a fitting piece for this TV movie, starring Patrick Bergin.

No Scenes of Stately Majesty with Graham Kendrick

from the album Millenium Chorus (Ascent)

A poignant Easter song for the start of a new era. When Princess Diana passed away the world had never seen such a display of mass grief, global mourning and collective involvement in a funeral. Kendrick, the doyen of modern sacred song writing, reflects here on the complete absence of all of these when the King of Kings died and was laid to rest.


Fairytale of New York with Ronan Keating

single release (Polydor)

Memorable in part for the controversy surrounding the changing of the lyric ‘you cheap lousy faggot’ this reworking of The Pogues classic appears with heartthrob Ronan’s The Way you Make me Feel single.

Peace Has Broken Out with Booley

from the album One (Myrrh)

In August 2000 Moya had the privilage of being asked to perform before the Pope and 2.7 million young people during the World Youth Day prayer vigil in Rome. Moya is joined by Pete Wilson (aka Booley) from N.Ireland on this album which brings together many of the artists who appeared in Rome at that time around the theme of unity.

Ceolfidh Mé

from the compilation Fields of Hope:Fighting against Famine(Dara)

This song was originally a B-side for the single release of Heal this Land (from Perfect Time). The Irish charity, Gorta, compiled an enviable collection from modern Irish talent. The album includes a number of live and unreleased tracks from U2, David Gray, Sinead O’Connor and the Corrs.

Rose of Bethlehem

from the album One Silent Night (Myrrh)

Released in conjunction with the book Rose of Bethlehem:Women’s stories of Christmas(Harvest House) the album provides reflections on the Christmas story from a women’s perspective. Moya’s contribution to the book looks back to innocent days when the joyful enjoyment of her ballet school in Derry, N.Ireland was shattered by the storm clouds of the Troubles.

Your song to me, This Fragile Vessel, Song of the Kingdom

from the album New Irish Hymns (Kingsway)

A project initiated by Keith Getty brought Moya together with Iona’s Joanne Hogg and US contemporary Christian singer, Margaret Becker. In its arrangements and distinct Celtic feel the collection of hymns attempts to regain a sense of the musical and lyrical heritage lost in much modern church music.


Band of Brothers Requiem

from the soundtrack album Band of Brothers (Sony)

A chance meeting with Michael Kamen (for whom she had sung the theme song for Circle of Friends) in the corridor of the studios where she was working on the To End All Wars soundtrack led to Moya’s contribution to score for this epic TV series.


Show Me with Jakatta

remix of Show Me from the album Two Horizons(Universal)

Included on the first single release of from Two Horizons. Jakatta, real name Dave Lee and also known as Joey Negro, achieved phemomenal success with American Dream in 2001 which featured a sample from Thomas Newman’s American Beauty soundtrack.


Ave Maria with Dominic Miller

from the album, Shapes(Inversion)

Dominic has been Sting’s guitarist and right hand man over the years and on this album, one of a number of solo projects he takes on some of his classical favorites. The album also features Placido Domingo singing Rodriguez’s ‘Misa Criolla’ while Sting himself joins Dominic in Bach’s B minor mass and a new version of ‘Shape of my Heart’. It is produced by the renowned Nick Patrick, who’s credentials stretch back to Roy Orbison and Marvin Gaye but is best known in recent years for his work with vocal sensation, Russell Watson, with whom Moya duetted on The Voice’s Salon Dola.


Tell Me Now (What you See) with Hans Zimmer

from the soundtrack to King Arthur (Hollywood)

When I heard that King Arthur was being made in Ireland I was very interested to be involved musically. So when Hans Zimmer rang me to ask if I’d be involved it was a great thrill. Within days I was in his studio in Santa Monica adding my vocals to one of the most dramatic scores of 2004. After spending a week together he suggested we work together on the theme song and so further recording took place in London the next month.

Hans is a fascinating person who has a great team working alongside him. His studio is a big wood panelled living room so although you walk into an atmosphere of comfortable isolation from the busy streets outside the place is wired to the hilt with everything he needs to operate at the level he is at. His team are like a family and it didn’t take long to feel at home there.
Tell Me Now emerged as the end title theme and it was a great privilege to add my words and voice to a great and moving piece of music. Moya Brennan


Labyrinth with Liam Lawton

from the album Another World (EMI)

When I walk in Glendalough in Wicklow,  Ireland  I am conscious that I am walking in a sacred space that has a beautiful history  The Labyrinth that is found there represents for me a journey through time, but also a journey  to the centre of the heart. To capture this I was so glad to have the unique voice of Moya Brennan. I knew that Moya would be sensitive to the setting and to the haunting beauty of the place through her interpretation of my lyrics. Her contribution to my song was more than I could ask as I knew that Moya understood the song and its message. Liam Lawton, Oct 2005


Hidden with Hazel O’Connor

from the album Hidden Heart (Invisible Hands)

Asked to comment on Moya’s contribution to the fine Hidden Heart album Hazel sent this text while on the road in the UK.
Since my 1st meeting with moya in 97 we have had a lovely buz together and we’d always talked of working 2gether so when she agreed to sing on hidden it was so exciting. I wrote moya’s verse especially for her angelic voice and person. We recorded moya in her studio amidst copious cups of tea and the thrill of knowing that my gravely voice would blend with those fab fine angel tones of moya. I hope we do more 2gether. Thank you to the divine ms brennan lv haz

I’ll See You with Delirious?

from the album The Mission Bell (Sparrow Records)

Working with Moya was a delight and her voice was exactly what we needed on our track. A true professional!! Martin Smith


Beautiful Dreamer with Brian Kennedy

from the album Brian Kennedy On Song 2

Moya Brennan was the first person I ever heard sing in our mother tongue at school in Irish lessons. If we were good, Our Irish teacher- Mr Austin – would treat us once a month to a few songs by Donegal’s finest Clannad’ to learn and it was then that I first fell in love with her otherworldly voice. Making records for me was indeed another world back then as a teenager but little did I know that I would grow up to tour with Clannad and even record with Moya. She is an incredible talent and a true original, it’s almost like she has her own reverb in her throat when she sings. I think she must have one of the most instantly recognizable voices I’ve ever heard. When we were thinking of collaborations for my BBC series ‘ON SONG’ we thought of Moya instantly when the song BEAUTIFUL DREAMER was suggested. She was a dream to work with and I’m so proud to count her not only as a collaborator but a friend. She is without doubt one of the greatest voices ever to emerge from our world, never mind our wee country. Brian Kennedy


Miles and Miles & Falling with Schiller

from the album Tag und Nacht (Universal)

Following the club remix of Moya’s Show Me by Schiller Moya went to work with Christopher von Deylen in his Berlin studio on his latest grand opus, Tag und Nacht (Day and Night).
Christopher says:”the collaboration with moya was a once-in-a-lifetime-experience for me. given the time we had, the output was enormous, and i am still looking forward to continue the musical co-operation. i simply love moya’s voice, and her way of working. so natural and organic – i could continue writing with her forever. and the songs “miles and miles” as well as “falling” are real highlights for me. i am looking forward to the future.”


Recorded at Glenstal Abbey, Limerick

Moya joined with the creative and musical talents of Glenstal Abbey to sing alongside Mary Coughlan, Noirín ní­ Riain, Cara O’Sullivan and Jimmy Moran-Brien on a unique meeting to benefit abuse chartites in Ireland

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Green to Gold

Ireland’s Official 2008 Olympic song

Moya sings the Official Irish Olympic anthem with Dublin band, Grand Canal. The song was written by band member, Niall Austin.
Music of Ireland

Music of Ireland

CD companion to the PBS documentary series

Music of Ireland – Welcome Home’s companion CD is sure to provide the soundtrack for generations of Irish music, collaboration and spirit.  Produced by acclaimed producer John Reynolds (U2, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, Björk, Dido), the companion CD features new material by Grammy Award-winners Moya Brennan, Sinéad O’Connor and The Chieftains, Academy Award-winner Glen Hansard (The Swell Season), Damien Rice, former Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan, Andrea Corr, Damien Dempsey, Shane MacGowan (The Pogues), The Hothouse Flowers, Órla Fallon, the late Liam Clancy, Paul Brady, John Sheahan, Donal Lunny and Andy Irvine, and a special track by Anúna featuring Moya Brennan and Afro Celt Sound System’s Iarla Ó Lionáird.

Music of ireland on Facebook

Morning Star

T with the Maggies

withMaighread Ni Dhonaill, Triona Ni Dhomhnaill and Mairead Ni Maonaigh

Tríona, Maighread, Mairéad and Moya, T with the Maggies, all come from the same corner of County Donegal (with Gaelic as their first language) and all have illustrious career histories. Each individual brings a unique and varied interpretation of their musical heritage but the result is one of the finest ever amalgamations of Irish female voices. T with the Maggies is the group’s first album, combining over four decades of musical experience. With subtle arrangements, the album brings to the fore four voices that have shaped Irish traditional, folk and celtic music today.
Morning Star

Morning Star

with German DJ and Composer Roger Shah

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”, a Roman philosopher once said. In the case of Roger Shah’s first single of his new album, it’s more than just luck. It’s an extraordinary piece of music, an ensemble of the great Irish lady Moya Brennan and Balearic trance producer Roger Shah. It’s ‘Morning Star’ that’s going to indulge the trance loving souls from its very first play on.
Roger Shah official site
Morning Star video
Secret Garden The Dream

The Dream

with Secret Garden

Winter Poem is the 2011 and the 7th album by Secret Garden. Primarily an instrumental album, it features three songs with guest vocals including Moya’s interpretation of Rolf Loland’s song, The Dream.
Secret Garden official site
The Dream video
Celtic Skies

Down by the Salley Gardens

Celtic Skies is a collection of popular Irish and Scottish traditional songs recorded in a new, contemporary style.
The album features various artists including Andrea Corr , Moya Brennan, Damien Dempsey, Lumiere, Joanna Eden bringing their unique interpretation to these much loved classics.
The production team behind the album have worked with artists such as Sade and Ali Campbell through to Andrea Corr and Sinead O’Connor.

Ten 14

Commemorating 1000 years since the Battle of Clontarf, Ten14 uses gorgeous music and lyrics to evoke the adventures of our first High King, Brian Boru, and his love of the harp.
Morning Star

Find the Sun

with Raz Nitzan

Raz Nitzan joins forces with the First Lady of Celtic Music and incredible Vocal talent that is Moya Brennan for a slice of Trance heaven. What could make this collaboration even better? How about an epic remix from Mr Pure Trance himself, Solarstone. Beautifully lush and Uplifting vibes soar through the clouds lifted even higher by Moya’s stunning take.

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