The Band

Moya’s touring schedule might not be as intense as some but she and her band have taken on tours of the US, UK, Europe and Ireland in recent years, with numerous European festival appearances and have appeared in many other interesting places. She performed Perfect Time to the largest crowd ever assembled in northern hemisphere (2.7 million in the Tor Vargetta outside Rome for a vigil at the World Youth Day in 1999). She has played on a beach in Okinawa island, Japan and in front of the world’s literary luminaries at a medieval piazza in Mantova, Italy.

Moya has assembled a backing band overflowing with talent and enthusiasm along with a sound/lighting team who have taken the distinctive atmosphere created by Moya’s voice to new levels.

Their skills have been an integral part of a live show which, to date, has included many traditional arrangements, a number of her recent solo songs and timeless Clannad compositions.

“As times have changed and things have developed I have been privileged to have a number of fine musicians with me on stage. Some have been and were there longer than others but all have made an amazing contribution to my live shows. I fully expect that others might join this role of honour in due course but for now I want to express my thanks and indebtedness to:

Cormac De Barra, Fionan De Barra, Sinead Madden, Eamonn Galldubh, Paul Byrne, Yoshinobu Izumi, Sam Jackson, Eamonn De Barra, Ian Parker, Graham Henderson, Rob Jones, Feargal Murray, Ewan Cowley, Tiarnan O’Duinchinn, Will Keating, Saori & Josch, Dave McMullen, Robbie Harris, Ann-Marie O’Farrell, Wayne Sheehy, Karl Breen, Daithi Rua, Frances Mitchell, Shannon Lambert, Shay Fitzgerald, for their incredible contribution to my music over the last few years. All the best in the future.” – Moya

Moya Brennan

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